GDPR – Just like Game of Thrones

GDPR is coming! Just like winter in Game of Thrones, the General Data Protection Regulation is almost upon us and the date to keep circled in your diary is May 25th. To give you some insight into GDPR Staff training and what you should be doing to keep your compliance levels up to code, our blog is designed to outline some of the upper level points and sift through the technical jargon for you.

What is GDPR?

On May 25th 2018 the EU ruling comes into effect in the shape of GDPR; its a large scale regulation which will help protect the privacy of individuals and give them more control of how their data is handled, including its collection, storage and use. Every single company in the world that has access to personal data about people in the EU is liable to comply to it.

What does this mean for me?

Here are some key areas of the regulation:

Companies should deliver GDPR Staff training to all employees.

All data, that includes customers, employees, supplier etc that you collect the data of is under the umbrella of GDPR. This includes names, email addresses, medical info, bank details and more.

It is illegal to collect a persons data without a valid reason. That reason could be sales contracts or marketing databases or it could be as simple as a newsletter sign up. In each case it’s up to you to make it completely clear what that data will be used for and then use it for just that purpose.

You should have a privacy policy in place, or something in your T&C’s, that outlines what you intend to do with somebody’s data.

Anyone has the right to ask a company what they’re doing with their data and the organisation has a month to respond and for free.

Customers can also request a company to delete all personal data they may have stored about them unless its needed for legal reasons. They can also request a digital copy of all the data a company holds on them.
If your company is involved in a data breach you must report it to the relevant supervisory authority.

What about training?

Under GDPR it is a legal requirement that any employees who handle personal data of other employees or customers must receive training in order to ensure that they handle it in accordance with GDPR. Alongside this, the company should keep a record of training and provide update and refresher training.

This is where eLamb can help your business, big or small, become GDPR compliant. We have created a training module that will raise awareness of GDPR and give staff a good knowledge of what it entails. This training can be used on its own or within our Learning Management System (LMS) and will allow you to keep a record of training and also supply refresher training automatically over the years. The system can also allow for any company policies to be included online and we can brand and include your own culture to the training/LMS too.

Find out more about us watch this 60 second clip and keep reading about our GDPR online training and
assessments below.

To buy your GDPR Staff training for £1,499 + VAT email us or call us on 01325 734 885


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