7 Top Tips To Eliminate Modern Slavery From Global Supply Chains

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 sets out what companies can do to play their part in policing and reducing modern slavery in their supply chains and within their own organisations.

Below are eLamb’s [orange]seven top tips[/orange] to eliminate modern slavery from your company and supply chains, in addition to implementing Modern Slavery eLearning.


Publish a (public) policy on your company website and a guidance document that addresses the recruitment of migrant workers

Map the entire supply chain including products, services and labour to identify the risks, then with the support of top management, start implementing the policy across these entities.


Where feasible recruit staff directly yourself, without the need to use 3rd party brokers to find employees for you.

If you must use broker services, work only with authorised brokers and once they have found staff for you, employ them directly yourself.


Establish an understanding with suppliers vis-à-vis recruitment through direct communication, contracts and other tools. Conduct training on ethical recruitment and verify that only authorised brokers are used within your supply chain.


Ensure that the recruitment system is included in the scope of a 3rd party audit and that recruitment agencies are included in the scope of the audit.


Migrant workers are covered under local labour law for wages, overtime, leave, holidays, health insurance and social security benefits. Ensure no illegal deductions from wages are withheld without a worker’s explicit consent.

You should investigate any allegations of worker abuse.


You should ensure that workers have access to grievance mechanisms and know what to do if they have a grievance.


Announcements about Modern Slavery awareness and prevention should come from Senior Management (Director Level) to give it the gravitas it deserves.

Stay up to date with relevant changes and find out how to report modern slavery on the government website.

For more information about [orange]Modern Slavery eLearning[/orange], please [orange]contact us[/orange] or call us on 01325 734 885.

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