eLamb’s 4 pillars of learning culture focus on the way your network embraces learning at work, so it is effective and not just efficient.

You have a much greater chance of success if you can build 4 strong pillars, but even building 1 will greatly increase the chance of improving business performance.

To discuss how we can help you build your pillars.

Pillar 1:

Build L&D Champions

Pillar 2:

Create Learner Demand

Pillar 3:

Share Expertise

Pillar 4:

Measure Performance

Customers who have implemented our 4 pillars.

Below are a few top tips to help you build strong pillars of learning.

Pillar 1

5 ways to encourage Executive Level Champions.

Pillar 2

5 ways you can generate Learner Demand.

Pillar 3

5 ways you can encourage Knowledge Sharing.

Pillar 4

5 ways to Measure your L&D Performance.

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