Off the shelf eLearning

Our off the shelf eLearning courses, give you quick access to a range of learning & development topics. We also allow our customers to use the courses as starting points for designing and branding their own custom eLearning courses.


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Topics covered

Employee HR

Financial & Data Compliance

Health & Safety

Hospitality Extras

Human Resources

HR for Line Managers


Wine Service Courses

Leadership & Management

Sales & Communication

Mental Health Awareness

Off the shelf eLearning Case Studies

  • Chris Gent, 123 Teachers

    We wanted to provide Safegaurding training to our network of teachers and to be alerted when that training should be refreshed. The feedback from our teachers has been tremedously positive, especially around the way the courses were broken down into small sessions and delivered via our app, making it easy to learn and complete. The whole process is automated for us now, we have teachers completing their safegaurding training and taking their certificates into schools without us asking now!

    - Chris Gent, 123 Teachers

  • Dan Barnes, Head of Learning & Development, Caprice Holdings

    Before eLamb we didn’t have an LMS across our business. I chose eLamb because I wanted an easy to use LMS that both my staff and I would be able to use daily. What I liked about eLamb was Mark and the team. Always at the end of the phone and willing to talk through ideas to develop the system and answer questions that I had. It’s the personal touch that makes the difference with eLamb compared to other big LMS providers. eLamb develop the system constantly, they clearly listen to feedback from their clients to help keep pace with Learning & Development needs. If an LMS is new to your business I’d recommend starting with them.

    - Dan Barnes, Head of Learning & Development, Caprice Holdings

  • John Darling, Darlings of Chelsea

    As we didn't have out own Learning & Development manager, I was concerned the process of creating our own bespoke online training would add to my workload. However eLamb project managed the creation so well, from design to delivery, it just felt like a really easy process

    - John Darling, Darlings of Chelsea

Around 100 Courses

Around 100 Courses

In total we have around 100 courses with 7 of the Health & Safety compliance ones being assured at level 2 by CIEH.

Our off the shelf courses can be delivered in your LMS system, as well as our own LMS

We also have a range of fun, interactive games enabling you to use gamification as part of your Learning & Development strategy.

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What you need to know about our off the shelf courses.

What you need to know about our off the shelf courses.

  1. A typical course lasts 20 minutes – which equates to roughly 1 hour of classroom training.
  2. We have assured Level 2 compliance courses available.
  3. All eLearning courses come with an optional online assessment.
  4. All courses are SCORM compliant meaning they can be deployed via your LMS system or ours.
  5. All courses are mobile friendly.
  6. Each eLearning course and assessment is fully editable.
  7. Other languages are available.
  8. All level 2 assured eLearning courses come with a certificate.
  9. All content is sourced from Subject Matter Experts.

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