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What is it like to do Work Experience at eLamb?

Working with eLamb has certainly been a very eye-opening experience for me. As a company that “makes its money” from […]

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Fire crew save people from burning hotel

A landmark, Grade 2 listed Elizabethan pub was left heavily damaged after [orange]fire broke out[/orange] at 15.30 on Monday 3rd April. […]

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eLearning is too boring – a student’s perspective

I am currently on work experience at eLamb, and they have asked me to write a few lines on my […]

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New proposals announced in Australia on Bribery and Corruption

It is great to hear one of the proposals in Australian is to create a new corporate offence of failing […]

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Don’t be afraid to act if you suspect someone is being forced into slavery

On the 6th April the BBC published a [orange]story[/orange] about a Travelodge staff member calling in the police when a […]

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How can you show you are the right company for an employee?

My grandfather always said a job is for life, which was very accurate for his generation. However these days most […]

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