eLearning is too boring – a student’s perspective

I am currently on work experience at eLamb, and they have asked me to write a few lines on my experiences of taking eLearning courses.

As a student in Leeds, I have had a couple of jobs in the hotel industry to help fund my living costs and through this I have come across e-learning courses on topics such as alcohol laws and general health and safety.

My experience of eLearning is that it is very text heavy and time consuming, which naturally makes me tempted to skip through the tasks and not fully understand the information.

I probably shouldn’t admit to that but eLamb told me to be honest!

Skipping through the training could be prove to be very costly if the information was ever needed whist I was working, for example learning how to handle intoxicated guests and making sure I am serving over 18’s only…which I do!

In regards to eLearning, I believe there should be a much more exciting approach to doing these tasks, which the guys at eLamb are constantly working on with their custom made eLearning courses and off the shelf courses.

I should finish off by saying the eLearning courses I have completed to date have not been created by eLamb, if they had been I am sure they would have been really fun and interesting!


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