The benefits of an LMS system for the Hospitality industry

There is no point having good training material if you can’t deliver it properly!

Many of the conversations we have within the hospitality industry are around how to best deliver training.

Whether Hotels deliver all their training face to face or they have already adopted eLearning, a quintessential element is the role a Learning Management System will play in delivering it.

But what are the real benefits of using a Learning Management System (LMS)?

In this blog post we will look at the top benefits our large hotel chain clients and smaller independently owned hotels are getting from eLambLMS and how you too can benefit from using such a system to deliver your training.

  • Everything, in one place: an LMS system will house all of your eLearning training, company documentation, latest news bulletins and more. With employee access to our LMS available by any device connected to the internet, effective communication around training, new legislation and company updates has never been easier.
  • Training can be pushed and pulled: mandatory training will always exist, whether that’s for new starters or seasoned staff, an LMS system will allow you to arrange and push training to relevant individuals and groups. Proactive learners can also search for additional learning material and pull the eLearning in their direction.
  • Keep training up to date: in an offline world an update in regulations or policy normally means the reproduction and reprinting of hundreds of manuals, meaning it doesn’t get done. With online learning, you can tweak your training material, at the click of a mouse. You can also extend, add and remove courses to suit your requirements. In an ever changing industry such as hospitality sector this is a major plus of an LMS system.
  • Vital reporting: once an eLearning module and/or assessment is complete managers gain instant visibility into their workforce’s knowledge. You will learn how effective your training is, ensure required milestones are met, discover areas of weakness and future learning requirements. You can also compare individuals or groups and develop your training strategy based on requirements.
  • Compliance audit trails: Laws change on a regular basis, when this happens an LMS system will allow you to push new information and policies to all of your employees who will be notified. Once read and understood, you’re provided with an audit trail that proves new regulations have been shared with an employee. That’s a relief.
  • Be more social: eLambLMS and other Learning Management Systems have built in social functionality such as; employee profiles, ‘chat’, blogs, forums and newsletter blasts. This engages with staff and ensures they return to the LMS, even out of working hours.
  • Saving time and money: a key theme through all of the above. When considering your current training strategy, how much time and money could you save – an LMS system can remove all need for instructor travel, printed materials, site rentals, employees being away from their job, etc. Although an LMS system might not totally remove all of these examples all of the time, it will significantly reduce the need resulting in a noticeable saving of time and money.

Choosing an LMS system.

When researching for your LMS, do bear in mind that it’s a crowded market and all systems are designed for different purposes, you need to find the one that will meet your goals, therefore take advantage of online demonstrations, review all of the features and ask as many questions as you can.

If you’d like to ask eLamb about our LMS system, eLambLMS – designed with the hospitality industry in mind then drop us a line, we have a great story to tell and some powerful examples.

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