How eLearning can reduce the cost of your on boarding!

How well designed is your onboarding process, how quickly and effectively are you getting new employees to their optimum productivity level, do your new employees enjoy their first experiences of your hotel?

These are all important questions that you should know the answers to and here’s why…

A recent study found that on average 14% of a manager’s time is spent on hiring and onboarding activities. The paper also reports that hiring and training a new employee can cost between 30 and 50% of their salary. Furthermore, 90% of new employees decide whether to remain with an organisation during their first 6 months.

Recently we have found hotel chains and independent hotels are focusing on improving their onboarding process. On average the process lasts 5 days and the desired goal is to reduce this to 2.

By making the onboarding process more effective, eLearning can reduce the cost of inducting new employees.

Hit the Ground Running

An online LMS system is the most effective way to deliver pre-boarding (before a new employee starts with you), mandatory training to your new employees. Using an online based LMS system means they can access your training from any location.

This method is heavily used within the hospitality industry to reduce onboarding – it’s particularly successful when recruiting employees who have already worked within the industry and possess that knowledge. It just needs to be documented and refreshed. A number of our customers currently deliver our level 2 assured eLearning courses on topics such as; H&S, Fire Safety, Licencing Laws, Risk Assessment and Food Safety off the shelf training and assessment via our LMS system meaning employees are able to hit the ground running from day one.

Avoid Sheep dipping

Following on from Pre-Boarding, one of the main advantages of offering online eLearning before an employee begins working with you is that the training manager is able to review each individual’s reporting. From this, they can identify further training requirements. This blog on looks at 7 ways to maximise the impact of your hotel training and discusses the negatives of sheep dip training

Create a Culture

We’re very aware that within this industry, hotels regardless of size, like to create a family culture and whilst delivering training online seems a great distance from that it’s actually a powerful way to begin the foundations. Many of our clients have created induction videos and greeting messages from Senior Members of staff, these welcome videos and introduction to the management and hotel culture courses are a great way to get across your expectations and ensure that a consistent message is delivered and understood.


Zichermann and Linder, authors of The Gamification Revolution write that the by gamifying your training content it can create unprecedented engagement with employees and lower staff turnover rates. This is backed up in a report by the eLeaning guide that suggests games can improve employee performance by 14%.

We specialise in designing and developing fun and engaging eLearning that encompasses gamification – we have our own versions of the popular TV shows Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Mastermind and Blockbusters.

Why not use popular games to deliver important information, it encourages your employees to continually learn and leader boards create a competitive edge and enhance collaboration among your team.

To summarise, if your induction process is lengthy and in need of a refresh and refocus, talk to us and see how you could benefit from our off the shelf or custom eLearning courses and LMS.

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