Is Your Training Strategy More Batman or Superman?


How would you describe your current training strategy, is it more Batman or Superman?

Batman is a hero, dependable, no “super powers” required he is also however, human… behind the suit, gadgets and car he is mortal. An ageing man that can’t last forever.

Superman is supernatural. A hero with eternal youth and the ability to adapt. He’s indestructible.

If Batman was to fight Superman, you’d back Superman – right?

Well, why don’t you do that with your training strategy?

Face to Face training – the Batman.

When training is required, do you prefer to have “bums on seats” and find it easy to get all of your staff together to attend a training course?

If you do prefer face to face, why does this classic, dependable training method work for you?

Perhaps its because your training department prefer to deliver training in a classroom or is it because you find it is the most effective way to ensure training is understood?

Regardless of the reason, there will always be a need for face to face training, it cannot be replaced in its entirety.

In our opinion, face to face training is similar to the Batman – its dependable, it meets the objectives and ensures the training is delivered.

However, like Batman face to face training is limited to what it can achieve for example Batman can’t fly, he can’t withstand a gunshot or possess super speed, yes he has workarounds but he is human and therefore vulnerable.

Can the same be said for face to face training, is it aging and vulnerable, will the day come when it is no longer the best way to deliver your training?

Many of the conversations we have with prospects see them still using face to face training throughout their organisation, however they’re aware of eLearning “Superman” but they chose to ignore it and all of its ‘super powers’… but why?

Perhaps, like Batman in latest movie they fear the supernatural, they fear the unknown and what it’s capable of.

eLearning – Superman

Much like Superman is there anything eLearning can’t do?

It’s fast, flexible, cost effective and time efficient. It is scalable, engaging, colorful and available 24/7 by laptop, tablet and mobile.

eLearning also provides custom reporting in an instant – enabling training decisions and requirements to be made effectively.

In our opinion due to its ‘super powers’, eLearning is just like Superman.

So why haven’t you fully embraced eLearning yet?

With every day civilians accessing the web via their computers and phones and the “super powers” of eLearning…surely it’s only a matter of time until all training and assessment is placed online! reports eLearning has grown 9.2% year on year since 2010 and that 77% of USA companies offer some form of online corporate training to improve the professional development of their employees.

In terms of compliance (e.g. Health & Safety) face to face training is restricted by the expertise of the presenter, number of people the room can hold and the costs of delivering the seminar multiple times, whilst one eLearning course can help train millions

What if…

But what if Batman and Superman were on the same side?

What if you took the best of Batman and merged it with the best of Superman and delivered a blended learning approach?

As stated at the beginning of this blog, there will always be a need for face to face training, it cannot be replaced in its entirety – however, that doesn’t mean you can’t harness the power, efficiency and cost savings of eLearning…

And now for the confession… eLamb’s secret identity.

We used to be Batman, we originally delivered face to face training to our clients, however in 2009 we transformed into a blended eLearning provider delivering the best of face to face training via our Learning Management System.Bruce Kent/ Clark Wayne if you will.

With our new “powers” come instant success and rewards for us and our clients.

If you’d like to know more about how we work with organisations designing and developing bespoke eLearning courses from your face to face training modules and deliver it via our Learning Management System (or yours).

Then light the eLamb signal and drop us an email.


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