Multi Brand LMS: How to customise your onboarding training

Clients often get in touch with eLamb because they want a multi brand learning management system (LMS). Here we explain the differences between branded eLearning for your business and a Multi Brand LMS, for businesses that want to provide eLearning courses to several brands in their organisation or to customise online training for their own customers.

What is branded eLearning?

There are three ways eLearning courses can be branded to match your business.

1) We can create a branded login page for your learners to access their eLearning courses, at the URL of your choice. Once they are logged in, users will see the business logo and the LMS can match your corporate colours.

multi brand lms custom elearning

An example of a branded login portal for learners

2) Individual eLearning courses within the LMS can also be branded for you (whether you use our LMS or already have your own). When a learner clicks to launch a course, it will display in your corporate colours with your business logo.

Multi Brand LMS multi branding learning management system

An example of our Food Hygiene off the shelf content that has been branded

3) We can tailor the eLearning course’s content to be specific to your business – which might include wording, imagery, omitting or adding new course pages, videos, reference materials, or an entirely bespoke course for something like onboarding training. This type of eLearning course development is usually referred to as custom eLearning content.

Multi branding LMS generic eLearning

Custom eLearning content for Travelodge

As you can see, the 3 ways to brand your eLearning training each affect a different stage of the learner’s journey, with custom eLearning content being the most in-depth way to ‘brand’ your courses. The main benefit of custom content is that it can go much further than just branding, with content being created to teach learners exactly what they need to know about their job role and your business. We talk about custom content more below.

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What is a Multi Brand LMS?

A multi brand learning management system can be customised in the same 3 ways as a branded eLearning system. We can create a branded login page to access the LMS, we can brand the online courses inside the LMS, and we can provide custom eLearning content. The difference is that we can do one or more of these steps for as many brands (or sites or clients) as you would like.

The Multi Brand LMS portal

First, let’s look at branded login pages. This is the portal and URL that learners access their content on. You might choose to send your learners to for example. This will be where your team members login (to the LMS) to access their eLearning courses.

Here are some examples of branded portals from our clients;

You have the option to use one portal for all your learners to use, whether they work for different brands and companies. Or you could choose a unique URL for the onboarding training of each brand. For example, and This is a good option if your brands and businesses are very distinct from one another, or if you want client learners to only see their own company branding and not other brands you also work with.

Multi Brand LMS course branding

Second, we can brand individual courses with corporate colours and logos, so that versions of the course exist to match each of your brands and businesses.

If you choose to use separate URLs for learners to access content, then they will login through the relevant brand portal and only see those courses intended for them inside the LMS.

If you decide on one URL for all learners, then we can link the relevant brand logo to each person inside the LMS. Each learner will only see the courses you want them to – whether they are job specific courses, or branded versions of each course that you want to assign to them.

multi brand learning management system custom eLearning

Example of Multi Brand LMS for a company called Evergreen Leisure, with branded courses for their businesses.

This type of Multi Branding LMS has menus and button colours custom branded, which will appear the same to all users, with the brand logo changing based on the person logging in.

They could only see courses under one brand, or you may want to give them access to courses from various brands.

We can use this same setup to give learners training modules for several sites, across departments, or for different clients.

All images and information shown in the LMS for courses can be customised for your learners.

Combining custom eLearning content with a Multi Brand LMS

Lastly, we can customise your eLearning content itself for each brand, location, client or any other purpose. Let’s say you want different eLearning content for onboarding training at each hotel in your business. This could be simple differences to wording and imagery between course versions. Or we can make each course unique, with interactive screens, learning games, reference materials and embedded videos all custom made for each site.

We’ve created custom onboarding training for many of our customers, whether it is based on their pre-existing training materials, on our Off The Shelf eLearning courses, on product training manuals and brochures, or if we need to design new courses and assessments.

For us, custom content is the ultimate multi branding learning management system. Not only will your portal(s) and courses match your brands, the content will be tailored to the different jobs and needs of learners. The more relevant your content is to the people using it, the more engaged they will be and the more effective your training outcomes are.

All our eLearning courses are SCORM-compliant and can be used in any LMS. Our LMS can host any eLearning content you already have as long as it’s SCORM-compliant too (which most eLearning is).

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Hopefully this post has answered any questions you have about using a Multi Branding LMS. Read more about the other benefits of our LMS, such as reporting features that make life easy for training and compliance managers. If there’s anything else you’d like to hear more about, email us at or get in touch by phone on 01325 734 885.

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