Do you know your Merlot from your Malbec?

One thing I enjoy on a weekend is a nice glass of red with my fiancée. And if I’m really honest it is not just at the weekend!

I used to drink Merlot but now I opt for a Malbec. Why? I’m not too sure, aside from taste. I confess though that I have no real knowledge or reasoning behind my choice.

The same can be said when I’m in a restaurant and the waiter pours just a little for you to try. I think to myself what am I supposed to be looking for? To avoid looking like a plonker, I just copy what my dad does – swirling it around, followed by a big sniff and then saying ‘its fine’. The truth is, unless there was a major problem I’m always going to allow the bottle to be served.

From an establishment point of view, wine knowledge is of great importance. Customers regardless of the restaurant stature have minimum expectations such as the knowledge of how to pour wine and food pairing etc.

When fine dining and you’re served by a Wine Sommelier the expectations are even greater, and it is fascinating listening to their knowledge and passion for wine, it takes years to build up knowledge of such a broad subject.

So how do Hotels and Restaurants ensure their Waiters and Waitresses have the required wine knowledge to add value when recommending and serving wine to their customers.

[orange]eLearning [/orange]and [orange]informal assessment [/orange]is an obvious choice, you guessed it[orange] eLamb [/orange] has just the perfect solution.

Working with the Academy of Food and Wine we have produced 11[orange] Wine eLearning courses [/orange]that sit within our[orange] Wine Knowledge eLearning module, [/orange]topics include;

  • [orange]Introduction to Wine[/orange]
  • [orange]Introduction to Grape Varieties[/orange]
  • [orange]Introduction to Wine Tasting[/orange]
  • [orange]Wine Service Equipment & Glassware[/orange]
  • [orange]Opening, Pouring, Storing & Decanting[/orange]
  • [orange]Opening Champagne and Sparkling Wine[/orange]
  • [orange]Major Wine Regions[/orange]
  • [orange]Product Knowledge & Customer Service[/orange]
  • [orange]Taking the Wine Order[/orange]
  • [orange]Law & Social Responsibility[/orange]
  • [orange]Matching Food with Wine[/orange]

Made accessible to our clients and their staff, individuals are able to work their way through our [orange]wine knowledge eLearning courses [/orange]and educate themselves, the interactive eLearning also includes videos, audio and informal assessment so they can test their knowledge.

Clients that use our Wine eLearning training include the Hilton Hotel Group, IHG and Park Plaza as well as lots of privately owned establishments and individual waiters and waitresses. See a list of [orange]our clients [/orange] here

I’m personally working my way through the[orange] interactive eLearning[/orange] content and each of the informal[orange] wine knowledge assessment[/orange] to complete. I’ll be a master Sommelier in no time!.

If you’d like to know more about our[orange] Wine eLearning courses[/orange]and training modules, then get in touch.

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