Should I outsource my content development?

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely you have already faced this decision dilemma – should we develop Should Iour own eLearning courses or should we outsource?

One of the biggest arguments for developing your eLearning content internally is that you understand your business better than anyone else.

Does that, however, mean a supplier couldn’t deliver a better project, quicker and at a lower price?

When outsourcing you gain access to a plethora of additional benefits such as;

– Speed of delivery
– Time saving
– Larger scale production
– Innovation
– Best Practise
– Access to Subject Matter Experts
– Multiple languages

Content Development StrategiesSpeed

When outsourcing, your chosen vendor will specialise in eLearning development and have a dedicated team focusing on your requirements and project – there will be no distractions or other tasks bumping your project down the to-do list, resulting in you gaining a quicker turnaround time on the development of your courses.

Content Development StrategiesTime

How many man hours would you dedicate to the creation of your eLearning courses? What results do you think you and your team could achieve if this time was spent on other projects and servicing your customers’ needs instead?

Content Development StrategiesScale

Creating one eLearning course might not seem so daunting for you and your team but what if you needed several courses creating, each with different versions and languages? When outsourcing, your chosen vendor will have a raft of eLearning developers who can all focus on your projects.

Content Development StrategiesInnovation

When a company specialises on one service i.e. designing and creating custom eLearning courses, they make staying ahead of the curve a priority. When working with an external company they will look at your project with a different set of eyes, their experience will become your experience – you will benefit from the latest innovations.

Content Development StrategiesBest Practise

Although you may be experienced in creating eLearning content you’re unlikely to have the same experience and knowledge as a company who specialise in this field. When outsourcing, you’ll often receive fresh ideas and examples of best practice that can be weaved into your eLearning modules generating a far greater user experience for your employees.

Subject matter expertsSubject Matter Experts

We regularly meet with people who are looking for eLearning courses with content on a topic they’re inexperienced in – does that sound familiar to you?

When you work with an eLearning provider, much like their skills and best practice you also get access to their network and team of subject matter experts who can help put together the course materials for you.


Do you have a multinational workforce, if so you might want to provide your eLearning training in a variety of languages, do you get them translated internally or externally? When outsourcing they will manage this entire process for you – all you need to do is select the languages you need and await for the courses to be delivered.

If you’re still reading this and thinking to yourself – decision made, I should look into outsourcing my telephoneeLearning requirements then drop us a line or call us on [orange]+44 (0) 1325 734 885 [/orange] and let’s see if we can help.

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