Why Franchisors Should Use LMS Systems

Franchisors can utilise LMS Systems to keep their procedures and processes consistent throughout their business. If your franchise has many locations throughout the world, it can be a constant battle to keep your franchisees updated with different functions of the business.

Using an LMS system can help you to scale your franchise by giving franchisors the tools and training they need to be able to deliver services or products effectively. Using a LMS System will enable you to manage all aspects of the development of your franchise onboarding and ongoing training.

What is a LMS System?

LMS stands for learning management system. An LMS system is a piece of software that can be used for the delivery of online training and learning processes. An LMS system helps with the delivery of the content and can also be used to report and track the progress of trainees.

Today there are many LMS authoring tools which can enable you to create a platform for your franchisees, without the need to learn how to code or build a website. ELamb can you help you in your journey from the initial idea to planning and creating the content you would like to include.

When LMS Systems were created in the early 1990s, the internet was not quite as accessible as it is today. Now LMS systems are designed for users just like you in mind, so it can be a very simple process for you to get your LMS system up and running for your franchise.

Now you understand what LMS systems do. Let’s take a look at how and why franchises should use LMS systems

Consistent Training for Processes and Procedures

Successful franchisors are leaders who are constantly looking for ways to inspire, support and motivate their franchisees. A simple way of doing this at scale is to ensure you have online training available for your team. Having the training online for all franchisees to access means that you can update and improve your training with ease.

Certificates and qualifications gained from online training can also be used for compliance purposes. By using a LMS system you will be able to manage these requirements effectively.

Some LMS systems enable you to add gamification features to your training which helps keep an engaging learning environment.

A quality LMS will manage your franchisee development too. You can monitor their onboarding, give 1:1 feedback and hold monthly reviews.

Reduce training costs

Hosting your training online means you save the costs associated with in person training and events. Some of the costs you save by hosting your training online include:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Venue Hire

With an LMS system you just need to pay for the software and content. This can save you thousands compared to in person training.

Support a dispersed workforce

The world of work is changing. The way we learn, the tools and technologies that support us in our daily lives are all evolving at a rapid pace. As technology continues to advance, so too does the need for people who can adapt quickly to new ways of working. Utilising an LMS system will enable you to keep your team up to speed with the latest developments in your franchise including the new systems or technology you are using.


Using a LMS system makes it easy for franchisors, franchisees, and trainers to connect. LMS systems can improve collaboration by facilitating communication between teams.

By choosing an LMS which features a range of automatic marketing and reporting tools, it makes it easy for trainers to quickly assess and comment on franchisees progress.

Peer-to-peer learning can be an excellent way to encourage your network of franchisees to learn from each other by discussing what has been working well for them, encouraging growth and collaboration.

You should consider the look and feel of your lms system. Ensure it is simple for end users to navigate and communicate with one another.

Improve Sales and Business Development

Generating sales is crucial in any business. Training and developing your sales team across multiple regions by using an eLearning system can improve employee retention and ultimately, profitability. Using a learning management system to hold training online can make it easier for your business to expand globally. Utilising transcription and translation services means you will be able to support your sales team in multiple languages too.

Attract New Franchisees

Your franchise needs new franchisees to grow. One of the ways you can attract new franchisees is to demonstrate how you will help them run a profitable business.

You could use your LMS system as a marketing tool. By sharing your knowledge and expertise, you can demonstrate to your future franchisors how you have grown your business. Sharing this knowledge will build trust with potential franchisors.

Leverage LMS Data for Marketing Purposes

By utilising your LMS system to attract franchisors, you need to ensure that you have a solid marketing strategy at each stage of your marketing funnel. Typically this involves:

  • Generating awareness of your business.
  • Converting interest parties into franchisees.
  • Retaining your franchisees.

You can use a lms system to record which franchisees are further down your marketing funnel and closest to converting. If you ask users to sign up to a webinar, or a free online course, the more time they have spent learning from you and investing their time in acquiring knowledge about you and your business means the closer they are to converting into a franchisor.

Find Out Who Isn’t Doing Their Homework

Once you have attracted your ideal franchisor, you will need to retain that franchisor so that they can successfully grow their business. Occasionally when quality learning systems are not implemented, procedures are followed incorrectly, mistakes can get made and subsequently franchisees do not do as well at running their business because of sloppy mistakes.

An excellent way of avoiding this problem is by being to have full transparency over what training has been completed by franchisees. For example, if a coffee shop franchisee is struggling to get high a high review score for cleanliness, and they have not completed your hygiene training, you will have full visibility over what training has been completed.

An lms systems tracking and reporting dashboards will be help to you resolve the problems that franchisees may face.

Are you a franchise looking to scale and implement a branded learning management system?


Here at Elamb, our specialism is helping companies utilise online learning software to train their team effectively.

Read how we did this for Halfords.

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