How eLearning can help when training a global workforce

Recently we have been watching Channel 4’s Tricks of the Restaurant Trade. One episode looked at how Nandos and KFC deliver the same ‘quality’ product time and time again.

Whilst this TV show focuses on the sourcing of ingredients, in my mind the big reason for their success is consistent training. Somehow with their 18,000+ outlets, KFC ensure their consumer has the same experience, each and every time…regardless of where you are in the world. That’s pretty impressive!

I then started thinking about the training challenges KFC and all other global organisations would face without eLearning – how would they ensure their entire workforce meets the same required standards?

I don’t think it would be possible, without eLearning.

At eLamb, we’re working with companies like Johnson & Johnson, QHotels, Barratt Developments and Toni&Guy, who all face the same challenges – ensuring employees across multiple sites are trained to the same level. To keep in theme with the TV show I wanted to share some ‘tricks of the eLearning trade’ with you and demonstrate how eLearning is the answer to all of your learning and development headaches.

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Speedy onboarding

We’ve all had the ‘first day’ at a new job. The onboarding process varies from company to company but it can take a while to get each employee fully trained.

What if eLearning could be used to assign pre-employment training before they began? What if on day 1 at 9am they’re already trained to your standards on the mandatory courses such as H&S, Fire Safety, Manual handling etc. Wouldn’t that save you a lot of time, money and headaches?

We’ve reduced some onboarding processes by up to 50%.

Continuity is key

For the same reasons consumers repeat purchase from a franchise, training that is consistent ensures consistency.

eLearning courses delivered via a Learning Management System (LMS) allow you to deliver the same training material to your entire workforce.

Staff will therefore not only receive the same training content but it will be delivered to the same quality. Wouldn’t that make training a national or global workforce a lot easier?

Roll out new training with the click of a mouse

What happens when a new law is set? How do you ensure that training is delivered to all of your staff (even those employees that were off that day) and that it was actually understood?

With an LMS and eLearning template you can deliver a new training course at the click of a mouse. What’s more, you can ensure each and every employee has gone through the training and understood it with an online assessment to follow.

The same applies to when you need to tweak a training module – just edit the eLearning document. There’s no need to reprint and deliver manuals around the globe. Think of the trees you’ll save!

Différentes langues? Pas de problème

It’s impossible to have a national or global workforce and not accommodate multiple languages. With eLearning you don’t need to create a whole new course, you can import a new language to replace the existing content. We’ve delivered eLearning in over 20 languages, so trust us when we say ‘son aucun probleme’ (it’s no problem!)


eLearning brings many benefits for your employees, but what about for Head Office? Reporting is the real ROI. Available in real time, rich reporting gives you true insight into many facets of your training and development programme. Here are just a few highlights;

  • Instant feedback on performance
  • Check who has and hasn’t completed the training
  • Identify skills gaps and training requirements among individuals, teams and locations
  • Enrol employees on training they need, not training in general
  • Insight into the performance of your regional trainers
  • Audit Trails for the unexpected inspection

Hopefully, this blog has given you some insight into the power of eLearning courses and when delivered via an LMS system you can train a nation of employees, ensuring consistency among your well-educated workforce.

If you’re responsible for the training and development of your staff and would like to know more about eLearning and how it can be used within your organisation do get in touch. Use the form below, send an email to or call us on 01325 734 885.

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