The 6 Advantages of working in eLearning development.

Recently I was tasked to find our next employee. I was looking for an exceptional eLearning Course Developer (I found one!) and although I’ve spent 6 years in online assessment and eLearning I’ve always been on the other side of the fence as I work in Sales and Marketing.

My role is to speak with our customers, inform them of the benefits a blended learning approach will bring and how eLamb can design and deliver their eLearning modules via our LMS system.

Speaking with so many passionate eLearning developers across the country I almost developed job envy as I learnt of some hidden perks of working in eLearning development…

1. Every Day’s a School Day

I’m always looking to learn, I’m very inquisitive by nature… it never occurred to me though that rather than focusing on one subject like most professions do, eLearning Developers get to explore and learn about a new topic each day. I asked my colleagues what they have learnt in the last few months from the courses we’ve created, they said “conference and banqueting etiquette, recycling, how to serve wines, different cheeses (yes cheese) and a lot about our client’s products. Knowledge is power and our eLearning developers learn every day.

2. Testing new technologies

A lot of our work is developed on Articulate Storyline 2 and that decision was made after the testing and experimenting with loads of other software platforms and apps. Whilst this is our current software package of choice we set aside research time each month for our eLearning developers to ‘play’ and experiment with the latest technologies, tools and gadgets – ensuring that they (and us) are constantly moving forward and keeping eLearning up-to-date with the modern learner.

3. Learn about the human mind!

When designing an eLearning course we strive to ensure its engaging and effective, we therefore allow our developers time each month to study learning behaviours, motivational factors and many other cognitive processes that when blended into an eLearning course ensures it’s an effective, fun and educational learning tool

4. Work with Inspiring people

At eLamb we’re well connected with Subject Matter Experts and Occupational Psychologists and we have to be! Our biggest offering along with our Learning Management System is that we can design and develop an eLearning course or assessment on any topic you desire (you read the bit about cheese, right?). Therefore our eLearning Developers are constantly meeting and speaking with talented, like-minded professionals and learning from them and their experiences – that sounds a little more fun and diverse than spending a life in the same office with the same people. After all, how many times can you ask what they did last night?

5. Inspire and make a difference

When designing custom eLearning courses our main aim is to ensure that the course is educational, engaging and fun. Our course developers can go to bed at night knowing that their modules are literally saving lives! For example, employees in hotels all over the country use our hospitality courses to better understand Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Food Hygiene, Risk and more.

6. Salary


– have we missed anything? if you’re an eLearning Developer and you have other perks you’d like to share then drop us a line at

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