What we think of Articulate Rise?

Hi, I’m Stephen and I am the eLearning Development Director at eLamb. We’ve been using the Rise 360 authoring tool to create mobile responsive eLearning courses for a little over a year now.

I thought I would let you know what I think of it as an eLearning authoring tool.


I think it is an easy to use eLearning authoring tool. The minimalist style looks modern and sleek. It is perfect if you want to turn your PowerPoint courses into eLearning. We particularly like how modules appear on one page and how the user scrolls down to view it. It is very different to the slide format in Storyline.

We use the Rise 360 content library, to create eLearning courses full of beautifully high definition images, which keeps things interesting and adds some colour to the courses.

Speaking of colour, you also have the option to select an accent colour which appears throughout the courses on buttons, interactions, menus, etc.

The only downside in the design is the lack of customisation in some areas. For someone who regularly uses Articulate Storyline, where you can customise and tweak almost everything, it can feel restrictive when you only have a handful of options to choose from.

Compatibility with devices

One of the best features of Rise is it is great for creating mobile responsive eLearning. It have the ability to resize the course to fit any screen size. Whether you are viewing a course on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone, it will look great.

This is a relief for a Storyline developer as you know that Storyline courses can be viewed on a smart phone, but the text may appear too small and the interactions may be too fiddly. We now recommend Rise for any client who has a mobile focused workforce.


Rise 360 has a decent range of interactions although some do lack customisation options. In general, I am happy with the selection they have provided us. We try to add interactions where possible as we believe they are key to making a more engaging course.

To create truly engaging eLearning courses, it is possible to add interactions made in Storyline into a Rise course which can work very well if a particularly complex interaction is required.

The only downside is that this interaction may not work very well if the course is viewed on a smaller screen.


We are big fans of Articulate Rise 360 at eLamb. The software itself is still fairly new and has a long way to go but I am already impressed by the number of big changes which have been released by Articulate throughout this year.

We have a complete library of Off The Shelf courses made in Rise which all look fantastic. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a demonstration.

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