The Modern Slavery Act: Are You Compliant?

Is your business compliant with the Modern Slavery Act?

It is estimated that nearly 46 million people around the world* are victims of Modern Slavery. Although predominantly occurring in countries such as India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the UK is in the top 10 countries of origin for potential victims trafficked into the UK and cases reported within the United Kingdom are on the rise by as much as 47% from 2012**.

As the UK Modern Slavery campaign states, slavery is closer than you think.

The UK Government is committed to ending this abhorrent crime. The introduction to the new Modern Slavery Bill is among the first acts in the world designed to specifically tackle Modern Slavery.

Whilst we have a committed parliament, as a UK business are you doing all that you can to ensure that your business is compliant with the Modern Slavery Act?

A simple, cost-effective way to ensure that your business and supply chains are fully compliant and entirely aware of this international crime is to provide informative, engaging and effective Modern Slavery eLearning training to all of your employees as soon as possible.

As a provider of off the shelf and  eLearning courses to clients across various industries, such as hospitality, hair and beauty, product manufacturing, construction and waste management, we have been commissioned to create a number of custom Modern Slavery eLearning courses.

As Modern Slavery can potentially affect any industry, any eLearning course we make on the topic will cover at least the following;

  • What is Modern Slavery
  • The main industries affected
  • How it affects our client’s specific industry
  • How to spot the signs of Hidden Labour Exploitation
  • What you can personally do to help protect vulnerable people
  • Clients policies and procedures on the Modern Slavery Act

Typically, our Modern Slavery eLearning courses last 20 minutes and include an online assessment – enabling you to identify potential training requirements among your workforce.

If you’d like to learn more about the Modern Slavery Act, we’ve linked to some further reading for you below. If you think your business needs a Modern Slavery eLearning course, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss the best solution for you.

Further Reading


*The 2016 global slavery index

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